December 18, 2020

Time For Thanks

At this time of year as we look ahead to planning for our impact in 2021, we also want to pause to and give thanks to the many partners and people who supported the work of the Compatible Lands Foundation in 2020. 

The mission of CLF is to promote the conservation, restoration, and preservation of land and natural resources and to foster compatible land uses among both public and private landowners.  We are focused on supporting both military readiness and land conservation by working with the US Department of Defense under the Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) program. CLF partners with military bases to work with local stakeholders in reducing land use conflicts near military installations.  

Currently, CLF is a REPI partner for ten installations, working with landowners across the United States to help protect military readiness while preserving working lands and open space.   To date, CLF holds 87 conservation easements near military installations and protects in perpetuity nearly 20,000 acres across the nation.

CLF is tremendously grateful to our colleagues at the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, the Army Environmental Command, and Naval Facilities Engineering Command.  Their knowledge, skill and know-how enable CLF to partner with installations and bases to protect military readiness.

We also appreciate the tremendous support we have received from the US Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service. Through our partnerships with USDA-NRCS in Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and Utah, we are helping protect military readiness at several critically important Army installations and Air Force bases, while preserving thousands of acres of working lands for future generations. 

In 2020, CLF hosted the Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration workshop that brought together leadership from across the Armed Services and other federal and state agencies, as well as representatives from conservation organizations and other stakeholders.  We are very grateful to our sponsors whose support helped to make the workshop happen: Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation; Anderson Natural Resources LLC; Summers, Spencer & Company; Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute; Coryell County Land & Abstract Company; Partnership for Conservation; Southwest Realty Advisors LLC; Eco-partners Carbon; and the Farmer Veteran Coalition.

As always, we feel fortunate to work with the many landowners who trust us with protecting their land and ensuring that it will remain protected in perpetuity.  By working together, we are ensuring the conservation of land and protection of open space for future generations.

And finally, to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, both past and present, and their family members: thank you for your sacrifice and for protecting our freedom.  You motivate and inspire our work every day. 

We look forward to continuing to build on these valuable partnerships and create new ones, as we advance the mission of CLF in the coming year and beyond.  From all of us on the CLF staff and Board of Trustees—we wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season.

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