How We Work

The Compatible Lands Foundation addresses land use challenges through collaborative land conservation efforts. We work with public agencies, local governments, private landowners, and other partners to identify, enhance and protect important undeveloped or inappropriately developed lands and prohibit incompatible land uses through a variety of conservation tools. In most cases, CLF purchases conservation easements from willing landowners, prohibiting incompatible land uses but allowing open space activities such as farming, ranching, and hunting.

CLF also provides training and consulting services on land conservation techniques, such as conservation easements, to protect open lands and preserve natural or cultural resources. Additionally, we assist partners in implementing land conservation efforts, from acquisition of conservation easements to identifying additional funding sources.

Generally, these efforts are in the form of open space “buffers” around natural resources, such as a drinking water reservoir or wildlife refuge, or around a major public investment such as a military installation or airport. In addition to preventing incompatible land uses, open space resources including productive agricultural lands and wildlife habitat are preserved.