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To contact any of the CLF team, telephone numbers and email addresses are listed below:

Joe Knott

Executive Director

877/829.5399 Ext. 2

Anita Harless

Texas Project Manager

877/829.5399 Ext. 3

Glen Bauer

Fort Campbell Project Manager

877/829.5399 Ext. 4

Lorre West

Business Manager

877/829.5399 Ext. 1

Jennifer Carter

Chief Strategy and Operations Officer

877/829.5399 Ext. 5

Darren Lilley

Invoicing Specialist/Hill AFB Program

877/829.5399 Ext. 6


  • Scott Belfit

  • Jeff Crosby

  • Scott Farley

  • Chad Henry

  • Leonard Jordan

  • David Crago

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