March 17, 2020

CFL brings together leaders

The Compatible Lands Foundation welcomed Government officials and stakeholders from across the country last month for the inaugural Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Stakeholders Workshop.

“We were pleased to host and bring government leaders, partners, and other stakeholders from across the country to facilitate discussion and partnering around the important topic of military readiness and conservation,” says CLF Executive Director Robert Gregory. Leadership from each of the Armed Services, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, non-profit land conservation organizations, and others, attended the workshop held at the Hard Rock Hotel near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Opening comments were provided by Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Chuck Hoskin, Jr. 

The REPI program is administered through the US Department of Defense and is a key tool for combating encroachment that can limit or restrict military training, testing, and operations.  The REPI program protects our military’s readiness by creating partnerships between military installations and local partners and stakeholders to reduce land use conflicts at over one-hundred military bases located throughout the United States. 

The workshop brought together REPI stakeholders and partners to share information and ideas for how REPI can be implemented across the nation to protect military capability.  Senator Inhofe was unable to attend, as his duties found him abroad, but he addressed the participants via video

“As Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, one of my great priorities is readiness.  And the REPI program is instrumental in ensuring America’s Armed Services receive the best possible training and support,” Sen. Inhofe said.  He further stated that “Training helps [our Service Members] complete the mission and come home safely.”

Compatible Lands Foundation works in several states across the country, addressing land use challenges through collaborative land conservation efforts.  Working with public agencies, local governments, private landowners, and other partners, CLF identifies important undeveloped or inappropriately developed lands and prohibits incompatible land uses through a variety of conservation tools.  Most of CLFs work is done in partnership with military installations around the nation with the goal of protecting military readiness while also preserving the environment.

Finally, we at CLF would like to acknowledge the many sponsors who played a pivotal role in making the inaugural REPI workshop such a success. Such an impactful event would not have happened without their extraordinary support.

Presentations and tools from the workshop are available here.  If you would like to learn about CLFs current activities and upcoming events, please contact us.