Fort Hood

Fort Hood is the largest active duty armored post in the entire Armed Services, encompassing 217,337 acres in central Texas. Home to nearly 65,000 soldiers and two full divisions—the 1st Cavalry Division and 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized)—the post supports the most intensive and varied training programs of any installation in the contiguous United States. Training can include individual weapons qualification through extensive battalion/brigade task force and joint operations, mechanized maneuver exercises, and air operations. The ability to support the full spectrum of training requirements is due to the size and capabilities of Fort Hood's land and ranges.

The heavy and constant training load at Fort Hood creates a number of encroachment concerns with the city of Killeen and other adjacent communities. Incompatible growth and development can lead to restrictions on training that causes noise, dust or smoke, uses pyrotechnics, or requires a dark-night sky. To alleviate these concerns, Fort Hood is partnering with CLF to protect undeveloped and compatibly used lands, particularly near heavily used maneuver lanes and live-fire ranges.

The Fort Hood project aims to protect the local agricultural heritage of the region as well as the recreational uses of the land while maintaining the military mission so important to the local economy.